Since our establishment in 1982, MIK International Co., Ltd. has been striving, as language professionals, to facilitate quality communication for our customers. Our mission in this rapidly globalizing world is to serve as a bridge connecting “words with words” and “people with people” in every field.
We are committed to providing the best services to your needs.

Corporate Profile

NameMIK International Co., Ltd.
FoundedFebruary, 1982
PresidentAyako Kuki
No. of Registered StaffApprox. 1100 (approx. 400 of them are native speakers)
OfficePacific Building 5F 1-23-37 Izumi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 461-0001, Japan
Business FieldsInterpreting, translation, transcription, compilation of minutes, temporary staffing, recruitment, outbound relocation support, language and cross cultural communication training, foreign language narration, foreign staff casting, organization of training, seminars, and international conferences, and human resources development training
AccreditationGeneral Worker Dispatching Undertaking Permission Number: General 23-010006
Main ClientsPublic offices, educational/financial/medical institutions, other organizations and private corporations, etc.
Major BankMUFG Bank, Ltd.
MembershipNagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and Chubu Association of Corporate Executives


  • Approx. one-minute walk from Hisaya-odori Station on the Meijo or Sakura-dori Subway Line
    ※Go straight north from Exit 1A of the north gate and our office (Pacific Building) is just on your right.
  • Approx. eight-minute walk from Sakae Station on the Higashiyama or Meijo Subway Line
  • Normally approx. fifteen-minute taxi ride from Nagoya Station (JR, Meitetsu, Kintetsu Train Lines or Higashiyama, Sakura-dori Subway Lines)

Pacific Building 5F 1-23-37 Izumi, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 461-0001, Japan
TEL: 052-955-3333 FAX: 052-955-3334

President’s Message

“Our fields lie in between words and people.” MIK International Co., Ltd. was established in 1982 as a comprehensive language support company. Since then, our high quality language services have been extensively utilized and highly regarded by a wide range of clients such as public offices, government agencies, various organizations, corporations, universities, and vocational schools. We think that our mission is to provide answers to any communication-related needs for the sake of our clients and society.
With insatiable aspirations for improvements, MIK International Co., Ltd. has been making tireless efforts to enhance the quality of our services because we strongly believe that bonds between people can be established beyond national borders, languages and cultures through enhanced communication. In order to achieve this mission, we are determined to provide quality “language” services that go “beyond our customers’ expectations.”
As our ideals, we aspire to:

  1. Providing high quality services that go beyond our customers’ expectations,
  2. Creating a work environment in which our colleagues can comfortably work and grow together, and
  3. Delivering the significance of communication to the world.

We always keep these points in mind and make sure to perform our jobs in earnest. Although we are still halfway through in this endeavor, we are slowly but steadily moving forward towards the goal. Believing a brilliant future “words” can bring to us, we, MIK International Co., Ltd., are committed to providing even higher quality services to our clients.

Ayako Kuki
MIK International Co., Ltd.