Professional instructors offer consultations to those assigned overseas and their accompanying family members about their overseas life. We also provide detailed information on the local life and protocol in countries they are assigned to as such information might not be covered by persons
in charge in the overseas HR Department.

Preparatory Seminar for Outbound Relocation

  • Consultations on moving/baggage
  • Formalities necessary before the tri
  • Finance/insurance
  • Medical/health services
  • Safety management
  • Education
  • Language training
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Daily life overseas, etc

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Ranslations of maternal handbooks/immunization records/health certificates

Purchasing transformers and plugs

Purchasing secondhand cars

Pre-assignment language training

Other Overseas Assignee Preparatory Training

Seminars for overseas risk management

Acquiring skills to organize baggage for moving,

Mental health, etc