Following the enforcement of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, enacted on April 1, 2005, MIK International Co., Ltd. herein stipulates our personal information protection policy as follows.
We carefully handle our customers’ and staff’s personal information in accordance with this policy for the purpose of protecting their privacy.

Privacy Policy

Recognizing the importance of our customers’ and staff’s personal information, MIK International Co., Ltd. herein pledges to handle and protect such information with extreme care and great responsibility while implementing the following practices in order to ensure quality services.

We comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations.

2.(Internal System and Education)
We develop company regulations and other rules necessary for each operation in regard to our internal system to handle personal information. We also strengthen our organizational structure to comply with the protection of personal information such as appointing a personal information protection manager. In addition, we thoroughly train and teach our employees about personal information protection in order for them to fully understand it.

3.(Collection and Use of Personal Information)
We collect personal information based on and only within the scope of its necessity with clear explanations about the purpose of its use and upon agreements from our customers and staff. We use such information only within the specific purpose of its use.

4.(Securing Accuracy)
We take appropriate measures in order to keep personal information accurate and up to date.

5.(Disclosure, Revision, Disuse or Deletion of Personal Information)
We will take prompt actions to review, revise disuse or delete our clients’ and staff’s personal information we retain upon their requests if they are reasonable and necessary.

6.(Safety Management Measures)
We strictly manage personal information while taking preventive and safety measures against unauthorized computer access, loss, destruction, fabrication or leakage.

7.(Supervising Consigned Companies)
In utilizing personal information, we may consign such personal information to a third company within appropriate purposes. In that case, we will supervise and require the consigned company to strictly manage such information.

8.(Limitation of Providing Information to Third Parties)
We never provide or disclose our clients’ and staff’s personal information to a third party without permission from them except in compliance with applicable laws.

9.(Continuous Review of the Internal System)
We continuously review and improve our rules and regulations and organizational structure in regard to handling personal information to make sure that they remain effective and appropriate sustainably.

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